Automotive Local Search Case Study by Qualify LLC

Case Study: Automotive Showroom & Service Center

Qualify LLC's founder and managing partner Scott Feder, engaged with a prominent auto dealer in Northern Virginia to manage their digital marketing for 90 days.

The short term objectives were to build brand awareness, to feature the showroom location and to promote the auto center services available to owners of European sports cars, luxury sedans and sports utility vehicles.

Our Approach and Methodology

Qualify LLC Website Audit Checklist


The first step was to completely audit the company's website. We needed to know how well it was performing and supporting the company's objectives. This detailed assessment yielded a prioritized list of tasks and actions that were implemented immediately to gain better visibility in local search.

  • Analyze Keywords and Rankings
  • Update Site Structure & Navigation (UX)
  • Create New On Page/Off Page Content
  • Manage SEO settings (Yoast)
  • Create New Site Links
  • Optimize Google Business Profile
  • Install and manage Google Analytics
  • Index New Pages in Google Search Console
Amplify Your Brand Message - Qualify LLC


As soon the website essentials were in place, we created and published a steady flow of new and engaging content online.

We posted numerous times daily on multiple channels including Google, Facebook and Instagram with links back to landing pages on the company website.

  • Showroom & Shop Images
  • Auto Service Videos
  • Service Announcements
  • Technician Profiles
  • Auto News - Blog Articles
  • Press Releases
  • Event Photos
  • Promotional Offers
  • Reviews & Testimonials

Digital Marketing Results

Most SEO advisors will tell you that it can take 6 to 9 months to achieve meaningful results. That can be the case depending on the currrent state of a company's web presence. However, in this situation our team was able to move the needle dramatically in less than 90 days.

A key initiative was to create new keywords related content. Important information including details about the cost of vehicle ownership, maintenance and repair were published for each British, German and Italian sports luxury brand serviced by the dealer. Promotional imagery by brand was created and posted with links back to the website where customers could learn more about auto services by make and model.

Qualify LLC Case Study - Website Visits


Expand digital footprint to increase website traffic

  • Impressions up 285% (60,100)
  • Website Visits up 183% (4,197)
  • 140% increase in Direct Traffic (1,316)
  • 189% increase in Organic Search Traffic (1,020)




Become more visible in Google Local Search

  • 59% increase in visits 3rd month (17,084)
  • 221% increase in Discovery Search Visits (9,106)
Clicks to Website - Qualify LLC Case Study


2,074 Clicks to Website from Google Business Profile

  • 149% increase in clicks to website from Google Profile (815)


Phone Calls from Search - Qualify LLC Case Study


216 Phone Calls from Google Search

  • Phone Calls from Search up 279% (106)
  • 92 conversions (service appointments)
GOOGLE MAP VIEWS - Qualify LLC Case Study


46,600 Google Map Views

  • 147% increase in Google Map Views in 60 days
  • 148% increase in Requests for Address Driving Directions (147 )
Qualify LLC Digital Marketing Agency
Directory Listings Management - Qualify LLC
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