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Professionally Managed Digital Advertising Campaigns with Geofencing

Geo-target new prospects and guide them through their journey to become new customers.


  • At Home
  • On the Go
  • At Work
  • On Location
  • At Public Places


Put your brand message in front of customers on their smart phones and all web connected devices including CTVs. Build awareness, generate new sales and track conversions by running online videos and display advertising banners that increase clicks, website visits, and in-store traffic. Reach more prospects by programmatically targeting your audience whenever they visit your website, search the Internet or visit specific geofence locations.

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Advertise to People Who Visit Your Website

Build an audience and reach people who visit your website with Site Retargeting display ads and online videos.

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Reach People Who are Searching the Internet

Target prospects who are looking for related brands, products and services with Search Retargeting.

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Connect with People Who Visit Specific Locations

Advertise to people based on where they live and where they go. Geofence exact locations including competitors to trigger digital display ads.

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Custom Digital Media Plans Made Simple

Our agency utilizes a proven process for developing effective digital media advertising campaigns. We start assessing the opportunity by learning more about your industry, business strategy and campaign objectives. This helps us better understand the size and scope of the problems we are trying to solve. We identify audience segments and buyer personas to match and to draw new prospects into your sales funnel. We then prepare a media plan and budget proposal for the digital media tools that will yield the best results and achieve the desired outcome.

Our Omnichannel Digital Advertising Tools

Audience Curation

Identify buyer personas, segment and curate target audiences using addressable households, IP addresses and GPS locations.

Geofence Marketing

Build an audience of prospects by creating virtual fences at specific locations including those of competitors.

Search Engine Marketing

Pay-per-click digital advertising on Google Ad Network, Bing and 3rd party partner channels.

Social Media Advertising

Social media marketing and advertising on all major platforms. We can repurpose popular social posts into display advertising.

Display Ad Retargeting

Strategic placement of digital display ads to reach people who visit your website, search online or visit specific locations.

Streaming Audio Ads

Play your audio messages on streaming audio channels to reach people on the go as they listen to podcasts or music.

Online Video Advertising

15 and 30 second video spots and pre-roll videos engage with customers watching YouTube or connected TV channels.

Advertising on Connected TV

Video advertising featured on popular streaming TV channels online.

Geofence Business Marketing Applications

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